Reunion Weekend 2018

Hood alumni from the classes of 1938 through 2013 celebrated and reconnected during Reunion Weekend, June 8-10. Alumni and their families from around the country visited campus to enjoy a variety of events, including a special guest lecture from president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Lynn Pasquerella, Ph.D., a Friday night all-class BBQ picnic, a Saturday night Maryland-fare dinner and the traditional strawberry breakfast! In addition, guests enjoyed an update on the College by Hood’s 11th President, Andrea Chapdelaine, Ph.D. The weekend concluded with a chapel service led by the class of 1968.

Attendees were eager to share stories with classmates unable to attend. Many were already making plans for their next reunion in 2023.

Reunion 2019 is scheduled for June 7-9. All alumni are invited to attend, and the classes with years ending in a four or a nine from 1939 to 2014 will share in the special celebration along with the 50th reunion class of 1969.

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June B2

Brad M. Goodman M.S.’16, C’16

Brad M. Goodman M.S.’16, C’16, an alumnus of Hood College’s Master’s in Environmental Biology program, works for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Washington, DC as a project coordinator of program operations. According to Brad, the most exciting part about the job is supporting a project from the very beginning, knowing the work being done both inside and out, and as conditions – financial, timeline, or otherwise – change, understanding how WWF goes about addressing challenges while still meeting grant requirements and conservation goals.

Brad believes the knowledge he received at Hood was quite current. “This is especially true regarding the food industry and our eating habits, and how they contribute to environmental issues and climate change.” WWF is especially interested in trying to transform markets by attacking the issues from multiple angles – consumer, corporate, and government.

When asked “Why Hood College?” Brad replied: “I chose the environmental biology program at Hood because it is a very flexible program. It is also the only one I could find in the Mid-Atlantic that accepted students who didn’t have a major in science, or who were looking to change careers.” Hood’s location close to Washington, DC and to home in Delaware also helped Brad make his decision. His master’s degree helped him understand the projects being done with WWF and showed his long-term commitment to conservation and sustainable development, which in the end contributed toward landing his current job.


Be Counted!

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Hood College education. Every student at Hood benefits from an experience that would not be possible without support from alumni and friends.

Hood has remained true to her motto inscribed 125 years ago on the College seal: Corde, et mente, et manu – with heart and mind and hand. With your gift we can continue Margaret Scholl Hood’s tradition of giving back to the heart of Hood, investing in the minds of future Hood graduates and ensuring all students have hands-on learning opportunities to lead lives of responsibility, leadership, service, and civic engagement.

Make your gift to the Hood Fund before June 30, the end of the fiscal year, to be counted in your class totals. For questions or more information, please contact Brooke Winn, interim director of annual giving, at or 301-696-3717.


Elaheh Eghbal ’13

Degree: Middle Eastern studies with a minor in global studies
Current position: I’m part of the marketing team at Zerion Software, a Virginia-based company that works with teams around the world to improve the way they work with their data. Within the marketing team, I do a bit of web management, a bit of event and conference management, and a bit of everything else such as contributing to content, design, office fun or whatever other feedback people may need.
Responsibilities (What does your “typical” day look like?): I’ll usually get to work around 10 a.m. and do the things most of us do: check email, get some coffee, chat with coworkers, etc. Once that’s done, I’ll either work with one of the many web pages that need to be created or will work on prepping for an upcoming conference. Between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., I’ll bounce between whatever may come up—product development meetings, weekly meetings, website pages, events, giving feedback to our graphic designer, chatting with my coworker’s kids who come to the office after school, and so much more.
What do you like most about your current job? The flexibility! Beyond being able to work remotely as needed, the ability to think freely and creatively is one of my favorite parts of Zerion. We’re a flat structure and are encouraged to speak up, take charge and find what motivates us.
Where did you live as a student? I was in Memorial Hall my freshman year (and yes, we did win Policies that year) and then was a resident assistant in Coblentz, Memorial and Sunset Apartments the following three years.
Favorite class and/or professor at Hood: The class that stands out the most to me is Cultures of the Middle East, which was taught by Dr. Wright. Sophomore year I declared a major in psychology with a double minor in Middle Eastern studies and global studies. When I took Cultures of the Middle East my junior year, I was so captivated by the depth of the cultures and the region that I decided to make Middle Eastern studies my major. It was such an interesting course and gave me a new appreciation for the nuances between the different cultures in the Middle East.
What made you decide to attend Hood? My dad was familiar with Hood long before I was ready to look at colleges. When it was time for me to start my search, he encouraged me to look into the institution. Being a teenager with that high school mentality, I was resistant to go to a school called “Hood” but was open to visiting campus. So we visited…and visited about five more times after that. Somewhere around the third visit, I started to recognize familiar faces and, more importantly, they started to remember me. Knowing that I wasn’t just another face coming to campus made me realize that I would be able to forge my own path with the support and guidance that is so critical for a college student. Short answer: my dad and the admission office (specifically some of the STARs, Biz and Dean White) made me decide to attend Hood.
How did your experience at Hood influence or shape your career? This is an interesting question. If you didn’t notice above, my major doesn’t have anything to do with my current work. I’ve always had an interest in helping people and bettering the world; my senior year of college I was approached by Monique Sledd ’11 who was the AmeriCorps VISTA coordinator in the career center. She encouraged me to apply for the position as she was going to be leaving that summer to attend graduate school in Colorado. I applied, interviewed, was offered the position and began a month and a half after graduation. In the role, I ended up taking on a number of marketing responsibilities. When my term was up a year later, I moved to D.C. and a few months after that was looking for a new job. My coworker from my time in the career center knew someone who was looking for a marketer/content creator, introduced us and the rest is history; I’ve been at Zerion since then! Hood allowed me to make connections with people, which ultimately shaped my career. Looking back, marketing has always been part of my life. Had I not made connections with students, faculty and staff, I may not have ended up in the career center or in my current position. You never know where a “Hello!” will lead you!
What is your fondest memory of your time at Hood? Wow—it’s hard to pick one. A few that stand out are:
• Becoming SGA student life chairperson my senior year and leading a committee
• Having my dear friend and fellow SGA Exec Board member, Ethan Weidman ’13, give me the Female Student Leader of the Year award at Honors Convocation at the end of senior year; he and the entire SGA board kept it from me for months!
• Both of the Alternative Spring Break trips I went on—traveling to Whitakers, N.C. and Haiti
• The many afternoons I spent with friends on the quad, either taking a break between classes, digesting food after dinner or simply just spending time. (I’m looking forward to doing this again during Reunion Weekend in June—can’t believe it’s been five years!)
Describe Hood in one word: Nourishing.
Define your most successful moment: There are two that come to mind:
• Receiving 100/100 on a final paper for a course I struggled in
• Reflecting on my college experience during April/May of my senior year. Junior and senior year I came out of my shell and got more involved in all kinds of things. My senior year, I was stage manager for the campus production of Avenue Q, Commencement/Baccalaureate chairperson, SGA student life chairperson and a resident assistant. Although I was involved in campus clubs from the beginning, it took me a few years to get comfortable pushing myself to take on more responsibilities within the organizations and get comfortable joining the organizations that I thought were out of reach.
Advice to current students:
1. Keep the Hood Hello alive beyond campus! One of my favorite parts about Hood is the way we would greet fellow students, staff, faculty and campus visitors. Take that off campus, too! Grocery store employees, gas station cashiers, person on the phone when you call for support, or anyone else who crosses your path should also be greeted in a friendly, respectful manner. Not only is this good karma for the world, it also may be a connection that can help you later. You never know where a “Hello!” will lead you.
2. Persevere. There are moments in life that will always be challenging—especially the first few years post-college. Keep going. Try new things, lean on those you trust for support and talk to your friends who may be going through similar experiences.
3. Take advantage of all of the amazing things that are happening on campus! There are always stimulating talks, engaging performances and fascinating events to attend on campus for free…do it! Soak up as much knowledge and gain as many experiences as possible.