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Graduate School Spotlight

Ronnie Ursin, MBA’12, DNP, NEA-BC, FACHE, has been named president and CEO of Jennersville Hospital in West Grove, Pennsylvania. He began his duties Jan. 2.

When asked “Why Hood College?,” he pointed out that Hood’s MBA program offered exactly what he desired.

“The program was offered in a traditional manner, the location was suitable for my travels to and from work, and the faculty were highly regarded professionals with a vast array of experience in practice. Hood College had a very good reputation, and tuition was affordable.”

Ursin says all of his programs were exceptional and invaluable to his growth in the nursing and healthcare industry, but Hood’s MBA helped him to truly become well-rounded in health care leadership.

“The MBA gave me a much broader perspective of business knowledge related to management, economies of scale, marketing, leadership, finance, investments and more. I have been able to utilize the knowledge gained in the MBA program as a nurse leader, nonprofit board member, and now a CEO.”

Ursin has also been able to capitalize on his financial expertise to leverage growth and financial stability in his responsibilities as a hospital executive. For instance, he managed to reduce labor cost related to contracted labor by more than 90 percent in one year.

His advice to current MBA students is to stay focused and never take any MBA lesson for granted.

“Most of the concepts, including financial analysis, valuation, reporting, market analysis, project evaluation and risk management will be valuable to you in any role you acquire as an expert in business administration.”

For example, he did not fully understand the fundamentals of investments until he completed the program’s investment course. Today, he has multiple investment accounts and the knowledge to manage those accounts without paying others to do it for him. Professors are also a great resource every student should utilize. He gave special mention to Anita Jose, professor of management, who he described as instrumental in his academic success.

“Lastly, I encourage each MBA student to market and tell someone else of the quality of education received at Hood College and the MBA program.”


STEM Mentorship Program coming to Frederick: Million Women Mentors

Along with Frederick Community College, Woman to Woman Mentoring Inc., and the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Hood College has taken an active role in bringing the Million Women Mentors movement to Frederick County. The Million Women Mentors mission is to strengthen science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) opportunities for females in the Frederick area. Frederick’s new Million Women Mentors is seeking female STEM professionals to serve as mentors for undergraduate students. The commitment for this six-month program is one meeting a month, and a call or email once a week. Among the Million Women Mentors are Hood alumnae Marjorie R. Smithhisler ’04, Sanya F. Whitaker, C’15, Vanessa S. Gress ’08, Joy Miller Beveridge ’82 and Michele Moody Snyder ’01. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor for STEM women, or would like more information about the program, please contact Tonya Hatosy-Stier.


Commemorate your legacy or Hood student with a Blazer Brick or Adirondack Chair!

Hood’s hand-made Adirondack chairs are available in two colors, blue or grey, for $500. Each chair will have a 3” x 2” gold plate with your personal message engraved and permanently affixed to the chair. The wording on the plaque is flexible. These chairs, scattered across Hood’s beautiful campus, will benefit our students, faculty, staff and other visitors.

Blazer Bricks are an additional option, which are installed in the Jeanne Zimmerman Gearey ’52 Plaza, located between Alumnae Hall and the Hodson Science and Technology Center. Thousands of students and alumni will recognize your role to help build and sustain Hood’s legacy.

Please purchase your Blazer Brick by Tuesday, March 20 for it to be installed before Commencement 2018 and Reunion Weekend 2018.

Brick pavers are available in three sizes for the following prices:
$1,000: 9” x 9” brick (5 lines, 18 spaces each)
$700: 6” x 9” brick (4 lines, 18 spaces each)
$350: 6” x 6” brick (3 lines, 15 spaces each)

Purchase an Adirondack chair and as a special promotion, you will receive 50 percent off your choice of any Blazer Brick!

Your contribution to either the Adirondack chair or Blazer Brick is 100 percent tax deductible and benefits the Hood Fund. The Hood Fund supports student scholarships, academic programs and research, extra-curricular activities, technology in the classrooms and much more.

To purchase your Blazer Brick online, please click here. For more information or to purchase your Adirondack chair, contact Brooke Winn, interim director of annual giving, at or 301-696-3717.


Hood College Charm at Colonial Jewelers

In celebration of the 125th anniversary, Colonial Jewelers, located in Downtown Frederick, is featuring Hood College in the Frederick Charm Series. These charms are available in Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold. To place an order, please click here.  Please send all other inquiries to

Hood Holiday Email Header

President Chapdelaine’s Holiday Message

Dear Friends,

The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to send warm greetings to all members of the Hood family and to extend my deep gratitude for your support. As 2017 has proven to be an exciting year for Hood, I look forward to working with all of you in 2018 to provide a rich and rewarding learning experience for our students. May the joy of the season be with you and your loved ones throughout the year. I wish you peace, joy and blessings.

Sincerely, Chapdelaine, Andrea signature Andrea E. Chapdelaine, Ph.D.

Andrea 3

Alumni Q&A: Andrea Raffauf McGinnis ’09


I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hood and a master’s degree in forensic psychology from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado (2011).

Current Position:

I am a medicolegal death investigator for the Office of the Medical Examiner in Denver, CO. With this, I have both state and national level certifications in addition to my degrees.

Responsibilities (What does your “typical” day look like?):

I conduct death investigations to answer four primary topics: 1) Cause of death, 2) Manner of death, 3) Identification of the deceased, and 4) Notification of the next of kin. This includes responding to scenes of those who have died due to homicide, suicide, accidents, traffic accidents, and sudden/unexpected deaths.

What do you like most about your current job?

I love that I get to help families find answers, and hopefully those answers can help in the grieving process. I also love the unpredictable nature of the job; every day is different!

Where did you live as a student?

I spent my first two years (2005-07) in Coblentz and my second two years (2007-09) at Crystal Park Apartments.

Favorite Class and/or Professor at Hood:

My favorite class is the one that stuck with me the most: The Psychology of Death and Dying, with Professor Dana Cable. At the time, I had no idea I would end up working in this field, and I realize how much of that class I carried with me. It was so eye-opening; I’m very grateful for that experience.

What made you decide to attend Hood?

I fell in love with the beautiful campus and the community-like feeling that enveloped it. I was also drawn in by the small class size, which led to closer relationships with the professors. I felt that it would benefit me more, and that I would be more successful, in that type of environment.

How did your experience at Hood influence or shape your career?

I look at this very literally—if it hadn’t been for Hood, I would not have had the hands-on internship experience that helped me gain a spot in my graduate program. This led to my internship at the medical examiner’s office, and ultimately to my current position. Hood and my experiences there were a direct catalyst to my current job.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Hood?

My fondest memories are from when my friends and I would grab a table in Whitaker and work on homework or simply sit and chat throughout the day and in between classes. Seeing people and touching base with acquaintances, friends, professors, and staff as they passed solidified that feeling of community that I felt when I first found Hood.

Describe Hood in one word:


Define your most successful moment:

My most successful moment would be getting the acceptance call for my current job. Achieving this position was my 10-year post-grad goal, and I was hired about six months after graduation. I was honored that my office felt I was the best fit for the job as a 24 year old in a race against so many qualified individuals. It was a culmination of everything I’d worked for, and to see it come to fruition so quickly was overwhelming and very satisfying.

Advice to current students:

Don’t ever shut yourself off to a new experience, especially when it comes to developing your place in the world/workforce. You never know what can develop from those times when you branch out and push the boundaries of your comfort zone.