Alumni Q&A: Douglas R. Raftery ’12

Alumni Q&A: Douglas R. Raftery ’12

Current Position:
Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Reno Aces and Reno 1868 FC in Reno, Nevada.

I oversee a corporate partnership department staff of nine, including seven who sell and two others who are responsible for activation and on-field entertainment. My main responsibility is to build relationships throughout the community and sell partnerships within the stadium, such as signage, video board features, youth programs, and customized elements that align to companies.

Communication Arts, focus in broadcasting

Where did you live as a student?
Lived in Smith Hall my first two years and Meyran Hall my senior year. But Smith Hall at heart. 

Favorite Class at Hood:
Feature Writing taught by Professor Katherine Orloff. But loved all of my communication arts professors. And a shout out to Dr. Janis Judson for the September 11th class I thoroughly enjoyed.

What made you decide to attend Hood?
I was recruited by the soccer coach at the time and that’s what piqued my interest. After visiting, it was an easy decision. I felt it was a great opportunity to not only play soccer, but enjoy small class sizes, join clubs, and hold leadership positions.

How did your experience at Hood influence or shape your career?
More than I can type. Between the soccer team and the fun challenges of teamwork, progression within SGA, and involvement in other clubs, I learned the everyday balance of life. Teamwork, multi-tasking, work-life balance, time management, and working with different personalities are all aspects I was challenged with in college that have shaped my career.

As you celebrate your reunion in June, what does returning to campus mean to you?
Extremely excited to come back. Though I was in Frederick for work the past three years, I haven’t returned since October. After being in town so long, it makes you miss it. Looking forward to seeing classmates, teammates, coaches, professors and staff who I continue to be close with.  

What is your fondest memory of your time at Hood?
Really too many to have one—but Policies for Dollars was always at the top of the list. Simply attending sporting events and broadcasting basketball games will always be top memories.

Describe Hood in one word:

Define your most successful moment:
Knowing it was time to leave something I loved so much growing up because of the loss of passion (broadcasting). That was huge for me as a person and professionally, knowing that I could move on from something and still be successful.

Advice to current students:
Try new things. I always wanted to be a broadcaster growing up, but got into sales. I was in a musical my senior year at Hood even though I can’t sing. I got into student government…I thought that was the last thing I’d do when I started college. Use college as an advantage…ask companies if you can “shadow,” they’ll most likely never say no. And network…network…network…make friends even if you think they won’t be of use to you at the time.



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